Carter's Chocolates

Chocolates & Ice Cream


Moist and Delicious is the only type of cake we'll make at Carter's!  

You'll find a couple choices for enjoying by the slice in our case, and randomly they'll be available as a whole cake for spur of the moment purchases.

You might be better off ordering ahead if you want a whole cake.

Some of our choices include the flourless truffle cake, so light and fluffy that it needs no topping, but we decorate that with a white chocolate mousse.

Brooklyn Blackout Cake ~ intense dark layers, filled with pudding.  Iced with more pudding, and coated with crumbs of another cake layer.  Very decadent, dense, moist and rich.

Peanut butter cake: layers of our moistest chocolate cake, separated by two types of peanut buttery filling, then poured with peanut butter ganache.

Orange Curd Cake: Super moist orange cake, using lots of zest and olive oil, filled with curd and frosted with chocolate icing !  Sweet !

And Cheesecakes !

We make a classic New York style cheesecake as well as several softer, lighter cheesecakes, often with various flavors.

Some favorites are Key Lime, Caramel, Mango, & Chocolate, but you never know what you'll find in the case, and if there is something that you want, ask if we'll do it. We probably will !

And we can help with your wedding or other large event as well!