$25 per person

Minimum Class Size 6, max 10

Take home: One box of truffles 

$25.oo per person

​Take home: One jar of sauce plus a box of caramels

Your group: $300 for up to  8 people, $20 per additional person over 21


Causing Truffle           February  TBD                        


March TBD

Chocolate 101

March TBD

Believe it or not,  Caramel does not grow on trees in little cubes wrapped in cellophane... and you won't believe just how easy it is to make wonderful sauce or chewy caramels at home on your stove.

Working with chocolate is complex but I can show you how to temper chocolate and use that to make molded shapes including animals, cars, and more.
Turning chocolate into Truffles is another class, and my favorite thing to do is a seminar on the history of chocolate, its cultivation, processing, and use plus the terminology of the modern chocolate industry, along with (of course much sampling.  Previous versions of that seminar have been based on my knowledge from Pastry school and the many excellent books on chocolate that I have devoured over the years (especially Maricel Presilla's The New Taste Of Chocolate and the Coe book The True History Of Chocolate); but the ext session will include my newly obtained knowledge from finally visiting a cacao plantation in the tropics, and the power point will include pics that I'll be taking while in Puerto Rico.  Highlights of the tasting will of course be the local bean-to-bar chocolate made right there on the island.

Carter's Chocolates

Chocolates & Ice Cream


Classes are suspended until we figure out if there is room while we do all our operations at the westbay        :(